The acceptable pass mark for all National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes shall be a minimum score of 40%. The grading system shall be as follows: –

Grading of ND/HND

Calvary Polytechnic shall apply the grading pattern below in grading all ND and HND programmes:

Calvary Polytechnic Grading System

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The overall performance a student or points obtained in each course shall be determined by a mean average called the Grade Point Average.

This GPA is calculated by multiplying the credit hours by the numerical equivalent of the Grade Points.

For example

‘A’ grade in a 4 credit hour course = 4 x 4 = 16

‘B’ grade in a 3 credit hour course  =  3 x 3 = 9

‘C’ grade in a 2 credit hour course  =   2 x 2.5 = 5

‘D’ grade in a 3 credit hour course  =   3 x 2 = 6

GPA is calculated by dividing the total grade points by the total number of credit hours:

= Total grade points  =  36  = 3.00
Total credit hours       12

Cumulative Credit Hours

This is the total sum of all credits hours carried from the time of entry into the Polytechnic to the time of computing the credit hours.

Cumulative Grade Points

This is the sum of the grade points earned by a student over a period of time from when he/she enrolled in the institution to date of computation.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

It should be noted that all courses passed or failed shall be reflected on the transcript for each semester and these shall form part of the CGPA computation. This is calculated by dividing the total cumulative grade points by the cumulative credit hours.

Repeat Courses

In the case where a student fails to attain the minimum score of 40% in any course, he/she shall be required to re-register for the course. When a student retakes a failed course, the credit hours and the grade point of all the attempts shall reflect in the computation of the cumulative credit hours and the cumulative grade points.

Academic Conditions

A student who has not completed his/her project and indeed any course work shall not be eligible for the award of a Diploma since this is a pre-condition for graduation. In such a situation, the student shall be awarded an “I” grade meaning Incomplete, until the project is satisfactorily completed by the student.

Withdrawal from Course

A student who chooses to withdraw from a course for which he/she duly registered for may be permitted to do so on the condition that he/she obtains approval from the Head of Department and the period does not exceed four weeks from the time of registration. In the absence of such an official procedure, an “absence” grade shall be recorded for that course.

Where a student is unable to sit for examination in a course he/she registered for due to an illness or other exigencies, an “S” grade shall be awarded.  The grade shall not count toward the computation of the GPA. The affected student shall be allowed to register for the course when the course is available.

Inter-Departmental Transfer

If a student, for any cogent reason seeks to change his/her course of study and transfer to another department, at the end of the first year; he/she must first meet the basic requirements for the intending programme. He shall then apply on a prescribed form through his current HOD to the HOD of the intending programme for necessary processing.

Academic Performance

  • Probation Period: At the end of any semester, those students with CGPA of 1.0 or less shall be placed on probationary period of one semester and be advised to improve or be compulsorily withdrawn. Any student with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 1.75 or below at the end of any semester shall be served written warning.
  • Voluntary Withdrawal: If a student fails to register for two consecutive semesters or absents him/her self from classes for two consecutive semesters shall be considered as having voluntarily withdrawn from the programme/polytechnic.

Examinations and Results


  • An attendance register shall be kept by the Polytechnic, which must be signed by every student admitted into the examination hall for the purpose of sitting for the examination.
  • Current student identity card must be brought into the examination hall and must be produced on demand
  • No form of communication between students shall be allowed once the examination has commenced.
  • Once the examination has commenced, no student shall be allowed to leave the examination hall with the intention of returning to the hall.
  • Only students who have fully registered for the course shall be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Students are expected to come into the examination hall only with approved materials.
  • Calvary Polytechnic shall provide answer scripts for any examination and these shall remain the property of the polytechnic. It shall be an offense for a student to be found with the script either before or after the examination.

Honour Roll

For the purpose of encouragement of scholarship and academic excellence, students who earn a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.50 and above at close of any semester shall be entered in the honour roll and commended in writing accordingly.

Scripts and Mark

All examination materials such as answer scripts, mark/grade sheets, marking scheme, etc, shall be treated as confidential. All marked scripts and the scores thereof shall be forwarded to the Head of Department (HOD) by the examiner who shall compile and forward the scores to the Director of School. All marked scripts for the preceding academic session shall remain in the HOD’s office before disposal.

Approval of Result

All departmental results shall be forwarded to the Academic Board after due consideration and approval at a meeting between the Director of respective School and the Head of Departments. After the results have been approved by the Academic Board, the final results shall be released by the Academic Affairs office.

Petitions and Complaints

If there are justifiable   reasons or prove of claims, a student who feels his/her academic performance has been wrongly assessed and the result(s) wrongly computed may petition. The student shall state the case in detail attaching all available facts and figures and forward it the Polytechnic Registrar through the Head of Department. The Registrar shall bring the complaint to the notice of the Academic Board.

The result of any petition shall be communicated to the petitioner in writing within four weeks of the receipt of the petition.

Petitions must be sent not longer than three months from the date of release of the result of the given examination.

Classification of Diploma

Classification of Diploma certificates shall be based on the cumulative grade point average in the following categories:

3.5 and above = Distinction

3.0 – 3.49 = Upper Credit

2.5 – 2.99 = Lower Credit

2.0 – 2.49 = Pass

1.99 and below = Fail

Award of Diploma Certificate

A student may qualify for the award of diploma when he/she passes all courses; the award of diploma shall be based on the cumulative GPA obtained by the student. More so, the award shall be graded on the basis of overall performance. Meanwhile, the minimum CGPA necessary for the award of diploma shall be 2.0.