Train students to become responsible and change-enhancing members of the society in various fields of human endeavour. We prepare the students to be articulate, critical and creative thinkers.


Commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Be a centre for study and excellence in the fields of Engineering, related Applied Arts and Sciences, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and in Business and Enterprise.


Training the Nigerian youths for proficiency and civic responsibilities to meet the needs of the Nigerian economy. The philosophy is carefully articulated to fall in line with the Nation’s philosophy of education.


  • To enable our young men and women to have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexity of technology.
  • To give an introduction to professional studies in engineering and other technologies.
  • To provide manpower in applied science, technology and particularly at sub-professional grades.
  • To provide people who can apply scientific knowledge to the improvement of solutions of environmental problems for the use and convenience of man.
  • Carry out diverse studies to help facilitate effective and efficient use of society’s resources for its general benefit.
  • Enhance ethical standards among students and youths in general.
  • To produce middle and high-level manpower for the nation’s economic and industrial growth.
  • To provide an avenue for discussions among members of the society towards solving the most basic social problems.
  • To provide education and training for all members of society without regard to race, colour, ideology, religion or political affiliation in areas of Engineering, Computing and Information Technology, Business and enterprise, Social and the Applied Sciences.
  • To provide opportunities to young people with the aim of enhancing their personal and professional outlook.